Manpower Home Page

Dolphin Marine International goal is to offer manpower expertise and services for the Oil & Gas Industry. By consistently striving for excellence, quality and expertise, Dolphin Marine International has the experience and capabilities to meet and support our Client’s with their complete work force requirements. These include:



The qualification and expertise of Dolphin Marine International staff allow us to integrate our Client’s project management department. Dolphin Marine International can manage and supervise on behalf of our Client all kind of offshore operations from pipeline, flexible or cable installation through diving, ROV and repair/maintenance services. Dolphin Marine International is able to respond to any requirement, in every location around the world.


Engineering and Project Management


Dolphin Marine International worldwide team of qualified and experienced project managers and technicians are capable of undertaking any offshore projects. Staff personnel form the core of this team, which is supplemented by contract personnel in accordance with the requirement of each project. Collectively they have experience in a diverse range of fields.


Furthermore, Dolphin Marine International can provide additional services to its Clients to name but a few:


  • Project Management

  • Technical and Financial Analysis (scope of work, specification and procedure)

  • Contractual Follow-up and Scheduling

  • Coordination and Supervision

Dolphin Marine International can provide dedicated teams of experienced and well-trained people to cover the entire spectrum of the Oil & Gas Industry.