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     Telecommunications & Power Cable

Dolphin Marine International goal is to offer operational engineering expertise and services for underwater Telecommunication and Electrical Industry. By consistently striving for excellence, quality and expertise, Dolphin Marine International has the experience and capabilities to meet and support our Client’s with their complete offshore requirements. These include:



Dolphin Marine International is a company with an extensive track record based upon high levels of expertise and the provision of contingencies to meet the demanding operating conditions encountered in the offshore environment. Dolphin Marine International is able to respond to any requirement, in every location around the world.


Engineering and Project Management


Dolphin Marine International worldwide team of qualified and experienced project managers and technicians are capable of undertaking any offshore projects. Staff personnel form the core of this team, which is supplemented by contract personnel in accordance with the requirement of each project. Collectively they have experience in a diverse range of fields including: Submarine Cable Installation, Remotely Operated Vehicle Services, Survey and Geotechnical Services and Maintenance & Repair Services.


Furthermore, Dolphin Marine International can provide additional services to its Clients to name but a few:


  • Call for Tender and Feasibility Study

  • Technical and Financial Analysis 

  • (scope of work, specification and 

  • procedure)

  • Contractual Follow-up and Scheduling

  • Coordination and Supervision 

Offshore installation encompasses a wide variety of activities from cable laying to burial. Dolphin Marine International technical consultancy and engineering fields extend from terminal house to platform or beach manhole.


Submarine Cable Installation


Dolphin Marine International can assist a complete submarine cable project through a range of cable lay vessels, cable burial and protection equipment and cable repair systems. This capability applies to all forms of submarine cable, be it telecommunications, control or power cables.

During project execution Dolphin Marine International can provide cable route and as-laid surveys, tracking of buried cables, remote cable touchdown monitoring, cable stabilization and free-span rectification.


In addition, the requirement for submarine power or telecommunication cables is increasing. Consequence of failure of any of these systems caused by impact or physical damage may cause production loss, environmental damage or pollution. The potential risks increases dramatically with:


  • Shallow water, shoals and shore approaches

  • Offshore Oil & Gas fields development and expansion

  • Anchorage and shipping lane

  • Fishing ground

  • Strong tide and current


Dolphin Marine International can provide its expertise in cable burial and protection using underwater trenching vehicle. Solutions could be found whether the cable needs to be lay and bury or post lay and bury from landfall to offshore structures. In all, Dolphin Marine International provides the complete solution to all submarine cable projects.


Remotely Operated Vehicle Services


Increasing water depths, marginal field developments and the need to remove the human diver from the water for economic and safety reasons, have accelerate the development of the Remote Operated Vehicle. Dolphin Marine International is well placed to meet the requirement of the market, ranging from small observation vehicles to large work class ROV capable of undertaking a wide variety of tasks. Typical work tasks include:


  • Trenching

  • Remote Intervention

  • Laying Support

  • Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

  • Survey and Observation


Survey and Geotechnical Services


Survey and Geotechnical services are essential requirement for all cable installations. Activities include:


  • Geophysical and Bathymetry Survey

  • Oceanographic Survey

  • Marine and Environmental Study

  • Geotechnical Investigation


Geotechnical investigation is a prerequisite to design, construction and installation of all cables. The objective is to collect all necessary data to enable preparation of a reliable engineering study.


Maintenance and Repair Services


The harsh marine environment and unavoidable associated marine operations makes continuous inspection, maintenance and repair essential to ensure safe and secure production. In this perspective, Dolphin Marine International can provide dedicated teams of experienced and well-trained people to cover the entire spectrum of inspection, maintenance and repair of any offshore cable. Whether it is for cable splicing, burial or unburial, inspection, Dolphin Marine International goal is to offer its expertise and experience to the Offshore Cable Industry.